Natalie's Fine Jewelry

5654 Cortez Rd W - Bradenton, FL 34210
(941) 795-5073

Natalie's Fine Jewelry opened in 1998, but under the name "Jewelry Outpost".  We FINALLY changed our name- YEA! -  about two years ago to what it is today.  We take great joy in  providing customers with durable, sturdy, comfortable jewelry made in the USA.

We carry diamonds, tourmaline, boulder opals, chalcedony, cameos, Mexican fire opals, spessartite, chrome diopside, citrine, garnets, pearls, dendrite quartz, peridot, topaz, aquamarine, and of course rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. All stones are genuine. 

You can order from us online, over the phone, or visit our retail location in Bradenton, FL. 

(Please do not expect us to be stuffy, sophisticated, super-salesmen.  We are not.  In all of the years we have been in business, we have yet to have one individual complain that they were pressured into a purchase, or sold something they did not want.)  


~~~ OUR GOALS ~~~

To maintain a Standard of Excellence

To provide the best customer service possible.

To offer our clientele sturdy, durable, exquisite jewelry.

~~ Wise  Men  Still  Seek  Him ~~

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